Slacker (1990)

1990 | Directed by Richard Linklater

This is the classic Gen-X indie film from Richard Linklater.

Though the term slacker has negative connotations now, Linklater thought of slackers in positive terms. Something akin to a hippie or a beatnik. These are people who intentionally disconnect from mainstream society, not because they are apathetic or unmotivated, but because society isn't helping them, and they don't see what it offers.

The movie has no main character. Instead, it has a meandering camera that uses long takes to move between characters and stories, mostly unrelated. It's a movie about conversations and small moments, and not about plot. The unconventional structure is refreshing.

The people, the conversations, everything, it all felt familiar. I lived in this world in the early 2000s in Boston, even though this movie takes place in Austin at the start of the 90s.

"Slacker is inspiration to keep on with those passion projects—to go your own way despite the pressure to conform. Above all, the film taught me this: Those who wander may not be lost." - Eleanor Capaldi

- Oct. 4, 2018


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- Oct. 4, 2018